The Band



Fred (Fredrock) Fischer

Fred Fischer is a fun-loving, highly energetic and entertaining drummer.

Most notably known for his work with rock/hard rock bands, Midline (Gotham Records/ADA Time Warner) and Cure for the Fall (2 songs currently in regular rotation on nationally syndicated Christian radio, Effect Radio) including Los Angeles based X-Drive (Frontiers Records-Italy, producer Andy Johns, world-wide release August 2014).

Fred’s love of drumming is overwhelmingly apparent in his larger-than-life live performances. He has performed over 3,500 concerts, tours in 15 states with 4 different bands.

Fred also has a great love for teaching through an ever growing roster of students at the Fredrock School of Drumming.

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Dr. Matt Puzan

Matt Puzan started playing guitar at age six. He soon began picking Bluegrass music on the weekends at local music festivals with his father. Thanks to a stack of Rock albums and an electric guitar left behind by his older sister’s ex-boyfriend, Matt spent his teen years jamming in various garage bands. This led to numerous performances at the many renowned Rock and Metal clubs throughout Los Angeles in the 80s and 90s.

During these years, Matt was also working on his music education earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Guitar Performance, a Master’s Degree in Music Composition, and a Doctorate Degree in Music Theory. It was in college that he worked on his Classical and Jazz chops as well as earning a Teaching Certificate for Public School instruction.

Matt also played on numerous studio sessions in the Southern California area and toured with various Cover and Punk Rock bands. In 2000, he moved to Boise, Idaho, where he opened his private teaching studio. In addition to working with his many students, Matt continues to perform regularly with various Original Artists and Cover Bands around the Boise area.

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Alfred de Varona

Alf started playing music seeing a rock concert (Kiss!!!) in high school. From that moment on, music would become an integral part of his life.

In the decades since, Alf has been in a number of bands, including a formative 3 year run with Boise rock legends Midline in the mid 90’s where he first met and played with Fred Fisher. Alf has dedicated much of his musical career to the genre he considers his first love, hard rock and heavy metal. Watch him live during one of the band’s upbeat tunes and you won’t have to stretch too far to imagine whipping long hair and stage dives.

That said, his collaboration with Emily, Matt, and Fred has brought him a whole new world of musical expression that he finds thrilling and refreshing. After attaining a degree in Media and Communications from Boise State in 2000, Alf began a rewarding career in graphic art and animation working for Micron Technology. Creating art all day, then shifting gears to write and perform music when the sun goes down provides him with the best of both worlds. He considers himself an eternal optimist and tries to bring that energy to every performance.

That, and maybe a stage dive (don’t tempt him).